Glass Repair Guide – Avoiding Ripoffs

Ripoff #1: “Bait And Switch” Couponing.

You’ve seen them in almost every newspaper,  in the mail, Craigslist and now your Facebook Groups shouting: “$100 OFF”, “$50 OFF”, etc. That’s the bait used most often to lure you in. You call, make an appointment and present your coupon, thinking it will cover all or part of your service call or estimate — only to find out “certain restrictions apply. ” Wouldn’t you know it? Those “certain restrictions” mean “your type of Window or Door.” Your coupon is worthless. How convenient. Now you’re stuck. The best way to protect yourself against this type of rip-off is to get a written estimate. An honest, reputable shop will be happy to provide you with one. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be responsible for before you have any work done.

Ripoff #2: Paying Everything Upfront – DON’T DO IT.

We have heard hundreds of horror stories about homeowners paying a contractor before the job is completed (or even started) and never seeing that contractor, or their money, again.  The homeowners are left with uncompleted projects or worse, with projects that were never even started. NEVER give the contractor all the money before a project is complete. California State Law is 10%  But that is it!  Do not give the contractor all the money before the project is complete or it may not get completed

HERE IS THE GOLDEN RULE:He who has the money is in control.

If you give a contractor all the money up front, or before the job is complete, you have no control over that contractor.  He may or may not finish the job and he will certainly do it on his own time schedule. If you, the homeowner have half the contractor’s money, he will be much more interested in finishing the job, making you happy, and collecting his final payment.

Ripoff #3: Unsupported Claims Like “We’re The Best.

You have seen the ads. They are everywhere. Things like “we’re the best” or “lifetime warranty” or “factory trained installers.” You’ll hear this from almost every company. Since your glass can be a matter of safety, the company that’s right for you is the one that will follow the manufacturers guidelines — NOT one that cuts corners when it comes to replacing your glass. Protect yourself by asking plenty of questions and request to see some of their work. Ask the shop for testimonials from past clients. What past customers say about them is far more important and believable than what they say about themselves.

Ripoff #4: Choosing A ”Gypsy Type” Glass Company That Operates Only From The Back Of A Van

”Gypsy type” glass companies do not have a fixed location that you can visit — a van and a telephone were all they needed to get in the glass business. These “gypsies” are often difficult to check out and even harder to find when you have a problem. Was there an address, and Contractors License Number in their ad?